2018/02/12 mariagrace

Orion Currently: Month 07

Fists in the air for Month 07! Squishy is currently a happy baby boy who just recently discovered the joy of his voice. And when I mean voice, I mean he’s now learned the power of screaming. So. Much. Screaming. Tim isn’t claiming this milestone. Squish’s father is expressly blaming Squish’s mother for this particular trait. 🙄

Two other big milestones this past month. Squish now has two teeth! Two adorable lower teeth surrounded by drooly baby gums. I know our kid is a cutie, but oh Mylanta be still my heart! Now with “two teef” this kid is a heartbreaker! And with the teeth comes the eating. Squish is now a successful graduate of avocados and butternut squashes. This baby-led weaning game is messy business. I know one day I’ll be scolding him for getting food all over the table, but for now I can’t hate on it. If messy now means we’ll have a future of healthy eating, we’ll take it.

Happy Lucky 07, Squishers! You’ve grown as much as your cheeks have. We love you, drool and all. xo, Mommy & Daddy

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