2018/01/12 mariagrace

Orion Currently: Month 06

Six months for our Squishy!! Squish kebab celebrated his first holiday season like a pro. Which is to say, he ate his way through it all. During Christmas he was jolly, mostly merry, and definitely bright. And he greeted the new year literally pooped out.

We have a roller-over! One second Orion was on his tummy, the next on his back, and I saw it with my own two eyes, haha! It’s always a shock when he hits a milestone even though Tim and I try to prepare ourselves. We get that awed look on our face that says “Look what our kid just did! He’s a genius!” as if ours is the first ever to do such a simple and amazing task. We have to remind ourselves that for Squish every new lesson learned is him conquering his world, and as parents we’re his biggest cheerleaders. That’s a new role Tim and I are still learning how to play. Parenting is weird but so rewarding

Yay on 06, Mr. Squish! It’s been half a year and you still have another half year to go. Keep making us laugh, kid. You’re a pro at it. xo, Mommy & Daddy

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