2017/12/12 mariagrace

Orion Currently: Month 05

Happy Month 05 to the one and only Orion Squishy! We had more successes than bumps this past month and we’re good with that. We’ve always known our kid was a chill one; no major complaints unless we’re late with a feed or miss a nap. He definitely has more of his father’s temperament than his mother’s, lol. He’s definitely no drama queen.

Squish is cooing a lot now. I know one day soon he’ll be speaking actual words, but I absolutely love this time where he’s cooing and baby talking. It’s like music to me. He’s still sleeping in our room, in a crib near our bed. We’ll transition him to his own room after the new year, but for now we’re content where he is. His cooing is our alarm clock and his first morning smiles are the absolute sweetest. You can definitely say that mornings in the Kono household are the best.

Any day now we believe Squish will be rolling over. Tim swears he rolled over once already and I just missed it. I won’t believe it until I see it for my own eyes. We cheer for every milestone Squish hits, but my mama heart wants him to slow down just a bit. We wish someone would come up with a way to bottle up this kind of happiness. It’s so, so addicting.

Congrats on Month 05, Mr. Squishbot! We love your morning smiles. We love your baby talk. We love you. Stay our sweet baby boy, okay? xo, Mommy & Daddy

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