2017/11/01 mariagrace

Three Years Strong

Happy Anniversary to us! Three years ago today, Tim and I said our I Do’s and have been living happily ever after ever since. Most of the time at least. This marriage game isn’t easy, but I don’t think we ever expected it to be. It’s equal parts frustrating, joyful, peaceful, loving, and exhausting. But above all, our marriage is fulfilling. We are fulfilled. For some reason God has blessed us with one another and we will forever be thankful for that.

Our third year Currentlies:

STATE // “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.”
WORD // #adulting
GEAR // GoPro Hero 6 & iPhone X
TASTES // Bear Cheese tarts
SOUNDS // “The Only One for Me” by Brian McKnight
MOOD // Sleepy

In our third year, we were given a son to love and love and love. We can’t wait to see what this fourth year will bring us. xo

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