2017/11/12 mariagrace

Orion Currently: Month 04

We’ve now completed Month 04 and Squishy is as squishy as ever. We have so many names for him now. Squishbot. Squisherson. Squishyroo. Squishton. On a good day, we’ll remember to use his actual name of Orion at least once. But for this time in his life, he’s going to be every iteration of Squishy we can come up with.

Squish has reached one major accomplishment this past month. He began sleeping full nights without any feeds, much to our surprise. Seriously. One night we were doing a dream feed. The next night when I tried again, he simply wasn’t having it and promptly fell back to sleep. Ever since then, it’s been anywhere from 10-12 hours of uninterrupted sleeping bliss. I’m anxiously waiting to see how severe the four-month sleep regression will be for us. Praying to God for some relief that he won’t regress too much or for too long. This mommy has been enjoying getting some zzz’s again.

And I think we have a thumb sucker! You guys, it’s so stinking adorable. I’m not yet sure if it’s just him sucking his fists to soothe himself, or if he’s honest-to-goodness thumb-sucking. I hope it’s the latter. Haha, my brother used to tease me so much since I was still sucking my thumb into kindergarten. It’s funny in my old age what I consider sweet memories, but that’s one of them. I’d like to think that connection will continue with my son.

Congrats on Month 04, our Squishykins! You’re growing so fast and your cheeks are growing ever faster. Slow down just a bit and stay our baby still. xo, Mommy & Daddy

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