2017/10/12 mariagrace

Orion Currently: Month 03

Today’s Squishy’s Month 03 and the Konos are officially past the 4th trimester. What. A. Journey. Our friends were right: it does get easier. Parenting and being a family is not always easy, but it does get easier. Squishy’s morning smiles make every day worth getting up for. His evening smiles make every day worth appreciating. We have a new normal and can rejoice in that.

We’re experiencing Squish’s three month milestones now. His head control is a bit better and can tolerate tummy time for longer periods. He’s finally opening up his fist and is starting to point at the air, which is so stinking cute. He’s discovered that his fist is the tastiest thing on the planet and his mouth has become best friends with it. Then there’s the drool. So much already and we know there will be rivers more. We’re weaning to one feed a night (pray for us) and transitioning him out of his bassinet beside our bed into the crib in his room. I’m going through his 0-3 month clothes now and I get a little teary when I see that he can no longer fit into them. Tim likes to tease me that our kid is growing up just to see me get emotional. Tim doesn’t realize that he doesn’t need to tease me at all; I’m emotional about Squish every day.

Happy Month 03, Mr. Squisherton! We love you to the moon and back. You make us happy every day. xo, Mommy & Daddy

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