2017/08/27 mariagrace

What’s in a Name?

For someone named Orion Gilbert: everything.

When deciding on Squishy’s name, Tim and I went through all the motions that new parents go through: searching online to see what names were trending, trying out names that had meaning in our respective cultures, looking up meanings to names to see what would fit. We had veto rights on each other’s choices (which I know I gleefully and ruthlessly used) as well as began a reserve list for possible future children. Playing the name game was fun. Finalizing on Orion Gilbert was emotional.

Gilbert was an easy one. We chose Gilbert to honor my older brother’s memory. The Gilbert that I grew up with was awesome. He was a complete person: a solid friend to his friends, a loving son to his parents, and a partner in crime to me. Kuya was simply amazing which made carrying on the name Gilbert a heartfelt choice. Uncle Gilbert would have fallen head over heels for his little nephew since he loved kids so much and they were equally enamored with him. To have called my brother a big kid at heart would have been an understatement.

But Tim and I wanted Squishy to have his own personality and so we chose Orion for his other name. I was very aware that if he were only to have been named Gilbert, that the ghost of my brother’s memory would follow him, understandably so. Inspired by the constellation, we chose Orion because we liked the idea of our son being connected to his Uncle Gilbert in the heavens. A very poetic reason that I find untold comfort in.

I love being able to easily spot the Orion constellation when I look up into our night sky, a sure way to help Tim and I find our way home if we ever find ourselves lost in more ways than one. And since I look up often to speak with my brother, the pairing of Orion Gilbert feels right.

Happy 41st birthday, Kuya. In your honor, Tim and I promise to raise our Orion to be as cheeky, shining, and loving as you were to all of us. ❤️

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