2017/06/01 mariagrace


40 – 1 = 39. Ha! My last year in this decade. My last year before the awesome 40’s set in. The year I become a mother. Woah.

Here are my Currentlies:

STATE // 33 weeks pregnant and glowing
WORD // #covfefe
SOUNDS // Everybody by Logic
GEAR // Fuji X100T
MOOD // Blissed out and content

And so much more.

Lots of changes for me and mine this coming year. Motherhood being at the top of that list. So many adventures to be had. I’m terrified but thrilled all at once. Love goes to my parents, my brother, my family, my friends, and my Tim. With them -and God’s love- I can do all things.

Blessings to you all. Thank you for being in my life. xo, mg

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