Perfect happiness captured

My work is a reflection of your crazy, beautiful life. Let yourself shine!


My name is Maria Grace.
I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, surrounded by family and friends who totally just get me.
I love sushi, rainbows, and Godzilla.
I seek quiet moments and noisy joy.
I crave adventure.

I love connecting with people who want to share their truth: that being with each other is the best thing ever.

Let me be your photographer.

I will capture your moments of perfect happiness.

I cannot remain idle; it simply is not in my nature. Because I believe challenges are opportunities, I try my best to make something everyday. Whether it is something for myself or for others, it doesn’t matter. The fact that I am making means that I am living.

I have a thirst for life experiences. For me, ever experience begins with taking a quiet moment and really looking at the world around me. There is always a joy in still being surprised.

I am a work in progress. Identifying as a creative means that it is my job to do today what I never would have dreamt to do yesterday. I find value in contributing to something that’s bigger than myself. This is how I choose to thank the family and friends who believe in me. I want to give them the best Grace I can.



Photography is a love affair with life.

Burk Uzzle, 1938



Let’s start this!

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